Benjamin Stahl

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Welcome to my website! My name is Ben and I am a graduate student in Physics at UC Berkeley. Though my coursework and teaching responsibilities keep me quite busy, I also do astronomy research with Professor Alex Filippenko. Specifically, I use optical spectra to study Type Ia supernovae and their utility as cosmological probes.

In addition to my professional interests, I am very passionate about personal finance (and recently wrote an ebook on the subject). It is truly shocking to me that the basics of personal finance are not taught in schools (at least none that I ever attended), leaving young adults to fend for themselves. Financial literacy is a right that should be granted to all; it is my hope that my book and passion will make it accessible to all.

After earning a BS in Physics (Astrophysics) from UC Santa Cruz, I took a year off to travel around the US with my girlfriend. Some of the highlights from our trip are featured in my blog. I constantly reminisce about this trip, and can't wait to do another one like it again.

This website will serve to chronicle my education, research, tutoring, books, hobbies, travels, and so on. I hope that it will be helpful and interesting to all.

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