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Day 69

Posted by Benjamin Stahl on March 8, 2016 at 12:00 AM

We slept in quite a bit in the campsite, and then got out and made some breakfast and coffee. We took our time, and just enjoyed the outdoors. Eventually we rolled out of camp, heading for the town to check things out. We found ourselves driving up a steep and winding road towards a tower at the top of the hill.As we rode up, a few drops of rain started to the fall. Still, the scenery was beautiful, and the view from the top was even more impressive.Then, we turned around and set our sights upon the tower.From the two floors on the top, we had an impeccable view of our surroundings in every direction.It was quite windy, and we noticed the tower swaying in the wind; I enjoyed it, but it seemed that most of the other people up there were a little uneasy about it. Afterwards, we drove down into the town and I dropped Dar off at one of the bath houses. While she was doing the whole bath ritual, I drove around and explored the area a bit more. While I was cruising around it started to rain pretty heavily, and there was even some thunder and lightning.After picking Dar up and checking the weather, we decided to drive a ways towards our destination for the next day and then stay in a hotel. The roads were wet and rainy, but we took our time and made it to a cheap little hotel that turned out to be much nicer than expected for the price.After checking in we grabbed a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant and then went back to hang at the hotel. All through the night we heard the rain pouring down, and were thankful for our choice to stay in a hotel for the night.

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