Benjamin Stahl

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Optimized: Tune Your Budget to Build Wealth

Those who know me well, know that I have had a long term passion for personal finance and investing. For whatever reason, financial literacy and independence became very important to me when I was early into my teenage years. To this day, these things have remained a deep passion of mine, and I believe that all should be entitled to receive a good education on personal finance.

Unfortunately, I have not witnessed this to be the case. Lacking in my vast educational history have been lessons on such simple skills as balancing a checkbook, maintaining a budget, and planning for retirement. I fared okay because of my inherent interest and the good example that I was fortunate to have my parents set. I fear that others, by no fault of their own, are not so lucky.

In 'Optimized: Tune Your Budget to Build Wealth' I seek to correct this issue, which I see as a profound flaw in modern American education. In the simplest and most concise way possible, I distill my years of experience and research into what I hope is an approachable and truly beneficial guide for those that wish to have a secure financial future.

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