Benjamin Stahl

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In need of a Math or Physics tutor? You've come to the right place!

For over six years I have made it my mission to equip students with the tools and confidence they need to accomplish their academic goals. I am proud of all that my diverse students have achieved such as college admission, high AP scores, and improved grades to name a few. For these reasons and many others I find tutoring to be incredibly rewarding and hope to continue for a long time to come.

Please do not hesitate to contact me so that we can discuss how I may be able to help you succeed in your education.


"Ben Stahl is one of those unique people who can take a complex math or physics problem and make it understandable. His teaching style is supportive, enthusiastic, and fun, which makes him great for both beginning and more advanced students. He helped me excel in my physics and calculus courses, and was always prepared for whatever questions I threw at him. I'd leave every tutoring session with a deeper understanding and greater confidence."

- Laney College Physics Student

"Ben is an excellent tutor. He has a lot of knowledge about physics and he is very patient. English is my second language, so it is always difficult for me to understand the concept of physics. I asked him the same question again and again, but he always took the time to explain everything to me. Ben was polite and professional in each meeting and was always thoughtful and respectful in the way he addressed me. I would highly recommend him if you need any help with Physics or other topics he is versed in to teach."

- Cabrillo College Physics Student

"My son was having trouble with high school algebra. After meeting with Ben his grades improved dramatically. Ben is everything you hope for in a tutor-- he's nice, patient, friendly, and he explains and demonstrates things in ways that are easy to understand. My son liked him right away. Ben guides students to the right answers but lets them do the work so they internalize the information and master the concepts. I highly recommend Ben as a math tutor to anyone--whether they're struggling or could use a boost in grades. He's been great. Thanks, Ben!"

- Santa Cruz High School Parent

"Ben has been very helpful in teaching and reviewing material with me. He comes to our appointments prepared to help me understand further what I have learned in class. HIs knowledge of Physics and Differential Equations is thorough, and I have left each appointment with a better understanding of what I am learning. He is willing to take each problem step by step so that I can understand the processes in order to do the work on my own in the future. Meeting has been great for test preperation also."

- SJSU Engineering Student

"Ben has been a great tutor for my son.  He has tutored him for an entire year of high school pre-calculus and it has been a tremendous help.  It is rare to find a tutor who has such an exceptional ability to patiently explain complex concepts in a very clear manner. We have already requested his help for next year with Calculus and Physics."

- Parent of High School Pre-Calculus Student

"As an instructor, Ben Stahl does not only confidently attack a problem, but he also explains the process meticulously, all while making sure the student comprehends the material entirely. I have visited Ben many times when I have been confused about a subject or to study before a midterm and every time I have left, I have been significantly more confident with the material. Along with the great tutoring, Ben provides a comfortable study place and an amiable personality that contributes to the safe and secure environment of his tutoring sessions!"

- Intro to Calculus (Honors) Student

"I was struggling in AP calculus until I began my tutoring with Ben. The tutoring sessions with him have made calculus a far less daunting class. Ben has been very accommodating to my schedule and a tremendous help though out the year."

- AP Calculus BC Student

"(Ben) really helped me understand concepts that we hadn't spent much time on in class and taught in a way that was very personalized and really made sure I understood what was going on."

- AP Calculus BC Student

"Ben is a great tutor, extremely reliable and flexible in scheduling meetings. He worked with me for a full academic year and taught me everything I needed to know about my structural engineering class. The class involved mainly complex algebraic math problems with some minor physics involved. Ben's ability to understand math is beyond me and his skills are top notch. I would definitely recommend him for any beginning or high level math and science course tutoring. Lastly, his pricing is reasonable, especially with the skill level and attentive catering he provides. "

- Graduate Student in Architecture

"I highly recommend Ben as a tutor. Not only does he know the material, he has the ability to engage his students. My son has never connected with a tutor, but with Ben he asked to up his tutoring to twice a week."

- Middle School Parent

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